“The freight coordinator service trial, to be undertaken by TransBulk Logistics, will help unlock new investment and more jobs in north west Queensland.” — Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick.



Collaboration is a key factor for driving performance from shared supply chains, where the benefits can be shared amongst all participants. The challenge is in finding the right model for participants to work together, given the differing objectives and inherent competition.

The Mount Isa to Townsville rail corridor is a fantastic asset for the North West Minerals Province, but it has the potential to be a key enabler of economic growth and prosperity for regional communities.

The Independent Logistics Coordination trial is an action-oriented attempt to find that best model for collaboration and coordination to compliment all existing initiatives and strategies in order to make rail more attractive for all users.

The trial is supported by the Qld State Government as it looks to enable private enterprise to drive economic recovery through investments in new ventures in the region.



Come up with the right model for logistics coordination.


Make rail a key enabler of economic growth in the region.


International markets will want to source from, and invest, because rail unlocks the abundant natural resources of the region.


Why does the rail line need a ‘Logistics Coordinator’?

The existing movements on the Mount Isa to Townsville rail system are currently well operated, safe and efficient. The greatest challenge in the rail system is in encouraging wider use. The Independent Logistics Coordination trial aims to find the model that will enable more volume on the rail system and generate benefits to new minerals projects, agricultural producers and to existing users of the rail system.

Is this ‘mandated’ and what does Logistics Coordination look like?

It is currently planned as a trial only. The trial exists to prove the concept that a coordination model will enable new entrants to utilise rail and increase tonnes on rail. The exact form of ‘coordination’ will be developed through the project with strong input from stakeholders. It will take experience from nearby rail systems but will be designed specifically to the challenges of utilising the existing capacity in the Mount Isa to Townsville rail system to a greater extent.

What interest does TransBulk Logistics have in the system?

TransBulk Logistics (and its affiliates) do not have direct commercial interests in the system. TransBulk Logistics relies on independence from commercial arrangements to fulfill its role as the lead for the design and establishment of a coordination model.

What does the design process look like for the Coordination model?

The coordination model will be designed collaboratively with stakeholders over a 6-month period.

What if we disagree with the direction of the trial?

TransBulk Logistics are open to all inputs throughout the trial. The project plan has been developed with very strong reliance on engagement with stakeholders regarding progress. The project team will be focused on alleviating constraints and impediments to support increased tonnes on rail. We encourage feedback and would appreciate anyone contacting us directly regarding their concerns. Our focus is ensuring that the model is the right solution for the supply chain.

How will I know what is happening in the trial?

Direct discussion with project team is encouraged. Additionally this website provides updates and relevant links. Email updates will be sent out to key stakeholders. If anyone else is interested in receiving these updates please let us know via the contact page on this site. At completion, the trial will be evaluated. If successful, TransBulk Logistics will seek to develop and implement an expanded freight coordination service prototype.